Dawn M. Geiger

Around the world, many women are unable to attend school or work because of their monthly cycle. Yearly, they lose months of education and income because they do not have access to feminine hygiene products. Often these desperate women will dig through trash and landfills to find anything they can use, including corn cobs, dirty rags, and newspapers. If that’s not possible, many women will sit on cardboard or mounds of dirt and may even squat above holes for hours at a time.


Gleaning For The World’s Wings program is an amazing solution to meet the women’s personal hygiene needs. They provide washable and reusable kits that can last up to three years. The kits include underwear, soap, absorbent pads, shields, wash cloths, and a pictorial instruction sheet showing how to care for the kit properly.


These kits are designed to lift women around the world from oppression to opportunity. To learn more about this program, or to make a donation, please click on the following link:  http://gftw.org/current-projects/.


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